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()If your Life-Path number is TWO, your life is likely to be characterized by productive interaction with others. You will have a strong sense of fairness and the profound ability to keep things in balance with others. Key words for a TWO Life-Path number are cooperation, mediation, consideration of others, partnering, and adaptability.

As a TWO, you’re likely to be extremely sensitive and care deeply for others. You like to see the best in others and want the best for them. As long as you take care to protect yourself against deceit and equally want the best for yourself, your life is likely to be one of enhancing the lives of others. Trust your instincts where others are concerned and check things out if you have any feelings that are unsettling. Better safe than sorry.

In a crisis, you’re the one to have around as your sound judgement and stable nature will handle most anything. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself the local mediator for most everyone. You (and others) will recognize that you can be unbiased in even the most complicated scenarios. This passion for others can lead to difficulty for you in saying ‘no’ even when this is what you truly feel. You may have to work at balancing your counseling and mediation demands with adequate time for yourself and your own troubles as they arise.

A TWO’S life purpose may well be to gather people together, to strike cooperation and encourage team spirit. Keeping the peace and directing a group’s energy can produce amazing results. Honest, stable and tactful, a TWO can do much. You may have to watch for lethargy and passivity. Apathy can also develop if you don’t keep yourself involved. Keeping yourself motivated and in touch can be challenging and a TWO can find themselves in a rut before they know it. Other people bring the best out in a TWO. With this in mind, isolation is often damaging to the spirit.

Because of the TWO’S love of an amiable environment, business partnerships that foster tremendous competition may not be suitable. Consider choosing partnerships that allow your talent for bringing others together in the spirit of cooperation and accomplishment to flourish.

Taurus horoscope for Sep 9 2014 by Daily Horoscope (http://bit.ly/DHmobile)

Taurus horoscope for Sep 9 2014
You want something so badly now that you may be almost afraid to hope for it or envision it. After all, if you get too used to the idea of a desire coming true, you will be very disappointed if it doesn’t, right? Don’t limit yourself with fears or negative thoughts, Taurus. Allow yourself to dream big. Encourage yourself to aim high. Give yourself free rein to explore the beauty of what it would be like if your dream comes true. Don’t be afraid to reach for a star.

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my solution to having bad allergies when I want to smoke a cigarette outside in the wind.! haha

I struggle with wanting you all the time, so please don’t mistake my silence for indifference. It’s just I have to hold myself back because I feel too much. Too often. Too wildly out of my control.

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Desperate times… hella ghetto charging my phone outside Party City

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